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Where do you teach personal training?

1-2-1 personal training sessions and disability coaching are based at Fosse Fitness Gym, Leicester. UK.

Do you provide nutrition advice?

Yes I can provide you with personal nutritional programs and advice.

can you teach at my current gym?

Unfortunately, I can't train clients at other commercial gyms, other than Fosse Fitness, where I am predominately based. If you're interested in 1-2-1 personal training with me, then I can either come to home based gyms or you will need to come to me at Fosse Fitness. 

how do i get in touch?

If you send an email to, To include your full name and details of what services you are particularly interested in, I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

is online coaching only INTERNATIONAL?

My online coaching is both for UK and international clients.

can i combine services?.

Yes you can combine both 1-2-1personal training and online coaching together.

How many sessions will I need?

This will be dependant on what you are trying to achieve and your time scale. Ialways suggest to book a block of ten sessions to start with. After the ten session, its the decision of the client to take it any further.

can you help me lose weight?

Yes I can help clients lose weight. We will work together establish the right training and nutritional plan for you. You can take a look at my client testimonials to see how other people have got on and their amazing results. 

how much muscle can i gain?

You can never really predict how much muscle an individual will gain, as this all depends on how much physical work they are able to put in. diet also plays a huge part in this. The equation to achieve and sustain muscle is correct training + diet + consistency= results. This is and will be an on going journey, with each program being designed on an individual basis.  

how much do you charge?

A one off 1-2-1 personal training session is £30 - 1 hour. 

I also offer a block of ten 1-2-1 personal training sessions for £250. All be clients will eligible to retrieve this at a reduced rate of £ The full amount will need to be paid in fill upon booking. 

Online coaching - is £54.99, for a six week training programme. This is a bespoke programme tailored to your individual requirements. 

where do you teach disability coaching?

I carry out all of my sessions at Fosse Fitness Gym, Leicester. UK.